Government Grants

Government Grants

Each Year Well Over 1.5 Trillion Dollars In US Government Grants & Low Interest Government Loans Are Given Away By Government For Business, Personal And Much More!

In many areas of the Country these grants will go unclaimed.  State and Local Government's have set aside billions in grants that must be given away yearly.  In addition to the federal funding, there are ten's of thousands of state and local organizations that give away grant money.

Our Congress sets aside billion's of dollars per year so that you will have the funding to go to school, start a business or just about any worthwhile purpose you can imagine. You can get government grants if you have a genuine reason and the knowledge to follow the procedures for funding.

You can receive funding for many types of business and personal related projects. 
Year after year million's of dollars go back into federal and state treasuries because no one applied for these various programs, it seems that these agencies are just not very good at getting the word out to the public. However, we have these little know agencies listed in everyone of our programs.

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  • Small Business Start Up

  • College Education

  • Career Retraining

  • Cultural Projects

  • Elderly and Disabled Assistance

  • Troubled Youth Assistance

  • Help for Women and Minorities

  • Adult Higher Education

  • Small Business Assistance

  • Child Care

  • Business Expansion

  • Personal Needs

  • First Time Home Buyers

  • Retraining for Displaced Workers

  • Native American Assistance

  • Housing Refurbishment

  • Agriculture Funding

  • Environmental Protection

  • Student Grants - All 50 States

  • Foreign Studies and Travel

  • Medical Degree Education

  • Dental Degree Education

  • Nursing Degree Education

  • The Art and Humanities

  • Research and Development

  • Cosmetology School

  • Business Help - All 50 States

  • Christian Schools

  • Low Income Housing

  • Rental Assistance

  • Community Development

  • Environmental Protection

  • Natural Resources Development

  • Research in New Technology

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Refugee and Homeless Assistance

  • Photography Archives

  • Engineering Education

  • Entrepreneurs and Inventors

  • Grants for Writers

  • Historic Preservation

  • Hispanic Assistance

  • Music Education

  • Aid for Single Parents

  • Law Enforcement and Training

  • Crime Prevention

  • Dance Classes

  • Day Care Centers

  • Technology and Conservation

  • Environmental and Animal Habitat

  • Special Education

  • Private Foundation Funding

  • Home Improvement and Repair

  • Foreign Students

  • Farm - Ranch - Agriculture

  • And Many, Many More!



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